Who the hell is Vile Monarch?


We are Vile Monarch, a hard rock game studio.

The two of us started working together at the end of 2011, after we both joined 11 bit studios. Since then we’ve became good buddies, drunk a lot of beer, been to a lot of metal gigs and – most of all – worked on great games, such as:

Sleepwalker's JourneySleepwalker’s Journey
(Grzegorz as programmer, Kacper as designer and project lead)

This War of MineThis War of Mine
(Grzegorz as lead programmer, Kacper as designer and writer).

Grzegorz & Kacper

Kacper’s guest appearance in Grzegorz’s band – Dogmat. Playing Gojira.

However at some point we decided it’s adventure time! So we started this thing you’re just reading about: the crazy troupe under the reign of Vile Monarch. We’ve invited a bunch of talented people to help us make the greatest game in history… Or at least a fun game that we will enjoy making and playing. So far it works, we’ll let you know when we’re ready to talk about it more. We think you’re gonna love it!

But please, stick around till then! We’ll have plenty of cool stuff to share: minigames, side projects, game development trivia, music recommendations and occasionally a picture of cat.

Vile Monarch lives in his castle in Warsaw, Poland. He likes rock music, beer and Mad Max: Fury Road movie. Have you seen it? Man, it’s so badass…

Kacper & Grzegorz
The Bosses

A bit vile, but so handsome!

From left: Kacper (design, co-boss), Artur (graphics), Grzegorz (code, co-boss), Wojtek (code) and Filip (design). A bit vile, but so handsome!