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“A fast-paced RTS that combines a need for strong strategy with pick up and play accessibility.” 4/5 – Hardcore Gamer

We‘ve all had enough of those cliché fantasy worlds with brave knights, ladylike elves and little people obsessed with jewellery! But our marketing guys told us it still sells best, so… Generia is just another of those worlds. Thankfully, there are evil barbarians coming to plunder, impale, drink beer, use inappropriate language and generally to make things interesting! And guess what? You are the one leading them!

Go back to the days when you thought real time strategy games were awesome. But this time, you don’t need to spend a whole hour to just win a skirmish. Jump right into battle and use your rusty strategic skills to crush hundreds of enemies within minutes! Crush Your Enemies has everything you like in strategy games: planning, choosing different types of units, managing resources, taking enemy territory and outwitting your opponents with the ingenious formations of your men. All of this strategic goodness packed into a tight and intense experience you can enjoy no matter how little time you have.

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Game features

  • True strategic challenge in a small package: Levels are packed with deep strategic options, but can be completed in shorter bursts
  • Super simple controls: Despite the depth of its systems, the game can be controlled with just one hand [insert juvenile innuendo here]
  • Epic Single-Player campaign: The game features hours of strategic single-player goodness
  • Cross-platform multiplayer: Play against your friends and loved ones on PC and mobile devices. The battle never ends!
  • Various Unit Types: Different unit types with a different role on the battlefield
  • Plundered Inventory: Expertly utilize and manage special items that can change the course of battles - when used wisely
  • Weird Boss Battles: Have you ever battled a Giant Death Snail that has a passion for head-butting? No? What are you doing with your life!?
  • Story filled with Naughty Humour: So your momma won't mistake the game for her favourite Medieval Village Clickfest!
  • Violence, Beer and Curse Words: Enough said...