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Master the wonders of alchemy! Solve alchemical puzzles by transforming and combining Essences

In the superstitious heart of 17th century Europe, alchemy is a mad new practice to be feared and forbidden. The Inquisition, a group of fanatical lawmakers with rising power, condemns alchemy as heresy and intends to root out and punish all alchemists as the world’s most dangerous heretics.

Craft items, tools and machines. Explore the enchanting world, gather peculiar resources, and befriend the Agari, adorable mushroom folk who will help you find the cure for your mysterious disease.

Welcome to the wholesome science-fantasy world of The Last Alchemist, a third-person alchemy simulation game about the blazing pursuit of science and friendship.

Embrace your weird and wonderful role as the world’s last Alchemist! You will craft your workshop from the ground up, practice alchemy by solving puzzles, befriend and understand the Agari folk, and roam a vibrant world packed with brilliant resources to bring home and make use of.

The Last Alchemist is a science-fantasy game for management fans with a ravenous hunger for discovery. Test, transform, and conduct risky experiments while managing the production cycle of the crops necessary for your experiments. Then, after a hard day’s work, take a break to roam around a picturesque landscape and befriend the Agari, the mysterious mushroom folk.

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Game features

  • Entertaining production cycle
  • Alchemy mastery
  • Freedom of craft
  • Quirky, fun characters
  • Over 200 properties to discover
  • A vast world to explore
  • Risky experiments
  • Local mushroom civilization