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A third-person alchemy simulation game about the blazing pursuit of science and friendship

Welcome to the wholesome science-fantasy world of The Last Alchemist! You will craft your workshop from the ground up, practice alchemy by solving puzzles, befriend and understand the Agari folk, and roam a vibrant world packed with brilliant resources to bring home and make use of.

Test, Combine, Transform. Extract Essences from everything you collect, fuse them together and solve Alchemy puzzles to obtain the Properties you need to discover the wonders of this charming world.

Find and use various materials to craft your alchemical workshop. You need tools to harvest and research ingredients as well as large machines to perform further experiments. The complexity of known blueprints will increase and soon you will find yourself preparing compound substances or cultivating plants to get necessary ingredients. You can also build furniture for convenience…. and for style.

You share your laboratory with the Agari, a local civilization of sentient mushroom creatures with their own secrets. These cute but cryptic folk run both the economy and the machines you need to optimize production. But you’ll have to work to earn their invaluable trust.

Explore colorful and enchanting landscapes rich in resources, secrets, peculiar plants, fungi and minerals. Some of these unique materials need specific alchemical mixtures to be gathered. Find ways to overcome obstacles, unlock new routes and discover wondrous places among the gorgeous, lush peaks of the Alps.

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Game features

  • Alchemy mastery
  • Gathering knowledge
  • Crafting tools and items
  • Constructing machines and furniture
  • Cultivating ingredients
  • Wholesome world to explore
  • Quirky, fun characters
  • Local mushroom civilization