The first integration party was 3 guys on a park bench, having cheap beers


We showed 2 different games at 3 PAX events


Oh...Sir! named the Best Polish Mobile Game by Digital Dragons


Jacksepticeye deliberately makes a “de-monetized” video about Weedcraft Inc


We release Growing Up, our first game that has made people cry (As far as we know)

May 2015, Warsaw, Poland. The Monarch was born and immediately decided to take over the world – with the tool most fitting for the task – video games!. Not just any video games… the freshest of video games, focusing on compelling fantasies served through expertly designed game systems. The Monarch bows to no specific genre, platform, or visual style. The Monarch only bows to the game.

As does every proper king, the Vile Monarch has his court… His two right hand men are Kacper Kwiatkowski (specialty: creative shenanigans) and Grzegorz Mazur (specialty: technical intrigue), ex 11 Bit Studios big shots, who were among the key staff of This War of Mine. Some of the other disciples are industry veterans, with credits including The Witcher 3, Hard West or Dying Light. But we don’t flash with ranks – The court has expertise in many different fields, they are a diverse bunch of party-loving human beings (most of them, at least) that value mutual respect and know how to care for one another.

But what about global domination? So far we’ve infected the world with a number of dramatically different games released on almost all modern platforms, some of them pretty successful, darn near even VERY sucessful. Some of them award-winning (“The Best Polish Mobile Game”), some controversial, some popular among hot YouTubers (like Markiplier or Jackscepticeye) – and all of them making us so fucking proud. Wait till you see our next ones! As always, the best is yet to come.

The classic sum up, in case you just skip to the end – we’re just a bunch of hard working gamedev experts that like having fun.


  • Games focused on strong fantasies and even stronger system design
  • ...with special knack for strategy
  • Developing and releasing titles for all modern platforms
  • Versatile stylized art (3D, 2D, anime-inspired, pixel art, comic, gritty, you name it)
  • Humor in different flavors (At least we laugh at our jokes?)
  • ...but also serious, mature topics (Sometimes things need to get heavy, yaknow?)
  • Memorable, unique soundtracks (Just give them a listen!)
  • Online and couch multiplayer (Gotta play with your buds.)