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A post-catastrophic survival city builder, set in Earth’s devastated wetlands

Climate change was a catalyst for a succession of events that led to the destruction of our world; rising sea levels have inundated the coasts. Only you can help humanity survive by leading your band of survivors on a path to redemption. Starting with a lost bunch of survivors, you need to scavenge resources, rediscover technology and maintain the peace between differing factions as you strive to rebuild society.

The world you knew has gone, replaced by islands, swamps, and isolated groups of survivors. Who to form bonds with and fight for survival alongside one another? Who to fight when they pose a threat to your settlement? Make important decisions that will directly impact the course of events while managing supplies, clean water, shelter, health, and many more unexpected resources needed for your colony to grow.

Floodland is a society survival game set in w world destroyed by climate change. Grow and manage your colony, create a meaningful community, enforce the laws and ensure the well-being of the society you create in the merciless environment. Each playthrough differs with randomly generated maps and events, allowing you to experience a unique story every time.

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Game features

  • Shaping the society
  • Unique playthroughs
  • Advanced colony-growth system
  • Each decision matters
  • Defining the law
  • Rewarding exploration
  • Ecologically-aware approach
  • All-star team